The Cranes

We supply and support all of the following Ruston-Bucyrus (R-B) and Bucyrus-Erie (B-E)  and Priestman & Ruston-Bucyrus (RB) VC models

10RB, 19RB, 22RB, 22RB ICD, 22RB HD, 25SC, 25ST, 300SC, 300ST, 350SC, 30RB, 30RB HD, 30RB SC, 400SC, 500SC, 550SC, 550ST, 600SC, 38RB, 38RBII, 38RBII HD, 54RB, 61RB, 61RB SC, 800SC, 900SC, 1100SC, 1200SC, 71RB, 71RB HD, CH40, CH50-40, CH50, CH50D, CH50E, CH50HD, CH50HDP, CH50BSP, CH50XHD, CH65, CH70, CH100, CH135, CH135-LJ

Priestman & Ruston-Bucyrus (RB) VC models

VC15, VC20, VC30 

Bucyrus-Erie (B-E) models

10B, 22B, 25B, 30B, 30B HD, 30B SC, 38B, 38B HD, 54B, 61B, 61B HD,

61B SC, 62B, 71B, 72B, 73B, 88B

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